Wisteria Arbor at Catskill Getaways

We have so many entrances to our Catskill Getaways property.  My favorite is this one with the wisteria arbor. Even in this snow covered image, you can see it’s an awesome way to enter our sanctuary in Phoenicia.  Sharing the magic of this former bungalow property is one of our greatest pleasures. I had so much fun taking these photos after a recent snow fall. These images may appear b&w, but they are in color. So many memories on this bench underneath the peach tree. I hope you find them as romantic as I do.

Each season is special, but for our snow-loving guests, the blankets of snow on the mountains, along with the mist on the Esopus Creek (really a river) is quite the sight to experience.  From sledding, to snow shoeing, to hiking with cramp-ons a winter day, then to warm up in front of the gas fireplace with a glass of wine … we have so much appreciation for this season.

Written by Alma