Phoenicia Sign 2

It’s that little nod as you pass each other on the High Street bridge. It’s the neighbor that greets you with the subtle wave as he drives by. It’s tubers sharing the Esopus with anglers. It’s a morning hike followed by a smoked trout picnic under the dappled light of the pines. It’s the misty clouds cascading into the valley. It’s the evening gatherings where the fireflies and sounds of the crickets and frogs reign. It’s the inky black nights with magnificent constellations that make everything else disappear.

Phoenicia is a tiny hamlet surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Our town may be some equation of quirky, homespun and cool; however, authenticity is the key. It’s a place where locals, newcomers, weekenders and tourists from near and far all breathe in this pristine air, so sweet and so pure. And really, we’re all just tiny specks in backdrop of these majestic mountains.

Mtn view 2

Written by Alma